How To Give A Speech Like PM Narendra Modi

Modi speech

Narendra das Damodar Modi or more simply the prime minister of India. Narendra Modi completed his education from Gujarat university till 1983. He also studied at the Delhi university till 1978. He’s the 15th prime minister of India and before prime minister he was the chief minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014. He has a huge fan following, not only in India but in foreign countries also. In this article, I will tell you the steps to deliver the speech like Narendra Modi.

Recently during the Lok sabha elections, Modi has a speech in Lucknow, where he got the highest number of listeners, yes in the ground there were more than 7 lakh peoples. All were there to see and listen modi. Now below are some points you must need to follow to give speeches like modi.

Modi speech
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi // AFP PHOTO/STR (Photo credit should read STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images)

#1. Use Polite Words When Starting Your Speech

Modi always talks very carefully. When he starts his speech, he use “Bhaiyon aur Bheno” word and do you know why he uses this word because in India it’s used for families. It makes a relationship with the person listening to you. Indian peoples are very loving and if you want respect like modi then you need to follow the “Give respect and take respect” statement. Most of the Bhartiya Janta party (BJP) leaders like Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Amit shah, Rajnath Singh uses this technique to make a relationship with peoples and they also got success.

#2. Speak In Hindi

Modi always speaks in Hindi, Latest he went to America visit and when he was talking with Obama in front of media he was using his native language Hindi, there was a translator person in the white house. India is Hindustan and Hindi is our main language, 80% of Indian population doesn’t understand English, there are many languages in India but Hindi is the main. Try to speak in Hindi and use the proper words, don’t use English words in the middle. Have you seen Amitabh Bachchan, he always Hindi with proper words? To connect properly with peoples use the native language.

#3. Speak Simple Words and Sentences

Albert Einstein, the great scientist said once

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

Now this sentence means that make your speech simpler as simple possible, a noob can understand and a minded person can also understand your views. Its is very necessary to understand, that’s why people will listen to you. If they don’t understand your views then next time they’ll not come to listen to your speech.

#4. Inspire Peoples and Give Them Example

Narendra Modi always inspires peoples and fulfills his speech how he’ll make the country. He always gives proper examples, like in the Lok sabha elections, he talked about bullet trains, he exampled with china. He also said about “Make in India, Made in India” Which very much inspired the peoples. I will suggest you to use Quotes between the speech, like Mahatma Gandhi quotes, Jawahar Lal Nehru quotes. The below quote is given by mahatma Gandhi.

हमेशा अपने विचारों, शब्दों और कर्म के पूर्ण सामंजस्य का लक्ष्य रखें. हमेशा अपने विचारों को शुद्ध करने का लक्ष्य रखें और सब कुछ ठीक हो जायेगा

The above quote means that Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.

#5. Unite The Public

Unity is very important to get the success, yes we can but with unity. Modi always talks about unity, In an interview given to India TV Rajat Sharma, He said – He want to see a computer in one hand and Quran in another hand. These words touch our hearts and using them while giving a speech and give you good results. Always use words like “We” “I” “You” these are relation making.

#6. Tell Your Idea and Proposals

Modi, always tells his idea to public about how he’ll make this country developed. He doesn’t bore the public and that’s the real thing, always tell those ideas which you can do. Share the proposals that you’ll ask government from the public side. This can make you believe towards public and can help you to grow up.

#7. Talk with Power, Positiveness and Humor

Well now I am on the last point, this is important because until you don’t have a positive attitude you can’t do anything. Just be in power and tell everything that you are going to do in future and you can simply get best results. The humor is necessary for the speech, most of the time modi give some humor in the speech like the below one.


There are Three AKs — AK-47, AK Antony, and AK-49, the third AK is AK-49 who has just given birth to a new party – PM Modi


If you want to deliver an awesome and mind-blowing speech like Narendra Modi then be positive and talk whatever comes in mind with the public, lie with peoples can give you bad results in future. Modi never reads the speech from paper or anything, he speaks what comes in mind. This is a good way to interact with the public. Try to tell the contact ways to the public also, how a normal person can contact you. So this was an article on Modi speech techniques, hope you all liked it. Good luck!

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