Here’s why Tech Guru Ankit Vengurlekar Left CNBC

Ankit Vengurlekar is Indian tech journalist and was anchor of India’s best Tech show tech Guru. Ankit and Abhishek telang both started Tech Guru TV show, but because ankit is a multi talented guy so he left CNBC and became a radio jockey at Red FM and in just a short span of time, he became one of the most popular Indian Radio Jockeys in india.

Then almost after 2-3 years, he came back on TG and rocked the show  again, but after 1 year he again left CNBC awaaz and joined FAME company (which is a live  video entertainment app), he joined FAME as VC.

According to sources, Ankit has now left fame also and now he’s a freelancer.

After Ankit left the show, the trp of tech guru show has gone too much down.

Hope he comes back to Tech Guru show and rock it again.

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