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Who is Abhishek Mishra, Short Info:

New readers, Hello I’m abhishek mishra, Founder of Daily Blogs. Currently I am technology blogger, web-developer and a enter site 17 year old student, Currently I’m studying in 12th class living in chhatarpur, madhya pradesh, india I love creating unique things that never done before. I writes how-to guides, create websites, and do anything that has Fun.  The purpose of the site is to help you take maximum advantage of the software tools and web technologies at your disposal so that you spend more time doing things your really love. 

This article is going to be lengthy and bit boring if you are not interested in blogging. This post is all about how i became a tech blogger from a normal tech loving guy.

My Journey from 2007-2014:

I was a 10 year old student (7th class) when i used internet for the first time, I was from a middle class family my father and mother both are teacher. At that time i used to surf internet at my friend’s home, at that time i also don’t have a computer. My friend used to google the search and i only sit back and watches what he’s doing, after few days he called me and said “ discount Microsoft Outlook 2016 Abhishek come to my home i wanna show you something special”, i go at his home and finded that he was using orkut, hmm so i said him to create my profile too on orkut, he created. a month passed, i oftenly use to go at my friend’s home. One day he introduced me with Facebook. I became addicted, as at that time i have no computer so i use to go to cyber cafe to use facebook. The days passed and now i was in 10th class.

A Fight Changed  My Life:fight-of-abhishek-mishra

I got a fight with my best friend, that friend on whose home i goes to use internet. So that fight changed my life, after that fight i breaked up with my all friends and only sites alone in my home. But after 4 days of that fight, i got a mobile phone, yeah someone gifted me a phone and that phone changed my life too. That phone h
as a internet connection so i used to visit facebook, and other sites too. Through mobile i created my first Blog.

My first Income, Rs.22,000:

A bangladeshi businessman said me to put his company ads on my website and he paid me Rs.22,000. I buyed a Laptop, Dell Inspiron 15R Full HD for Rs.37,000.

After few days i  monetized my website with google adsense and my earning was Rs.51,000. Everyone was stunned that how i am making this much money. You can check this article how to earn money from internet also see my Statements of Earning Sended by Google.

My Traffic Sources:

  •  Google 65%
  • Facebook 20%
  • Other sites like Google+, Twitter, Flipboard or other blogs 15%

Web Services I Pay For:




Gadgets and Hardware:

Softwares That I Use:

  • Browser: Google chrome, Mozilla, but mostly i use chrome.
  • Android App Player: BlueStacks
  • AntiVirus: McAfee
  • Video Recorder: Nikon Coolpix camera and Dell Webcam
  • Bluetooth 2.0

My Daily Working:

Daily i spend 12 hours on my computer, i write blogs, make some changes daily, also learn new things from other famous blogs likes Wired, AllFacebook, Lifehacker.

So guys it was a detailed info about me, if you have any questions just post them below.


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