Bored From Facebook? Here are Some Interesting Websites To Visit

Interesting sites

Bored from Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube and now looking for something that can really entertain you, then you are at right place.  In this guide we’re going to talk about the most interesting websites on the internet.

There are billions of websites on the web, and most them are useful. These websites are mostly created by the youth, so without taking or stretching this article, let’s checkout the list of interesting websites.
Interesting sites

Interesting Sites To Visit When You’re Bored

#1. Stratocam

This website is one of my favorite website, it features images of earth, galaxy, satellite. These images are found on the Google maps, but anyways its really an interesting website. The images can be changed slide by slide, It also work great on mobile devices so that’s a +ve point. Its better to use this site on the full screen mode, it has a search feature too, you can find and visit places that you have never heard before. On computer devices, just press (CTRL+SHIFT+F) and you can use the search feature, isn’t that easy.

#2. Lamebook

Do you know Facebook has a population equal to total population of united states. There are many unique and creative people on Facebook. There are around 400,000 photos daily uploaded on Facebook and many of them are very entertaining. Lame book has an awesome collection of interesting and unique photos and the name of the person has been blurred, so there’s no problem in privacy.

#3. TimeLapse

OK, so you are living in Bhopal, Madhya pradesh, India and in last 5 Bhopal has changed a lot. But what changed in Bhopal, time-lapse is a cool websites that tells you what changed in last few years. This is really interesting and it’ll really increase your knowledge and will pass your time too.

#4. Useful Science

This website can help science students a lot, it has a awesome collection of science researches, that has been performed by the scientists. It has a list of creative projects by the different science loving people’s. You can choose the topic according to your interest from creativity to health. It can also help students to learn something from this site, in future they can work on these researches too and can increase their knowledge from this useful science website.

#5. 9-Eyes

The 9 eyes website contains the street views that are captured by the Google street view. These are quite awesome and are available with different locations on the 9-eyes website.

#6. Picjumbo

The pic jumbo is one of my favourite website for checking out awesome photos, i visit that site for checking out awesome and free photos which can be used for websites also. These are totally free and these captured by a youth named, victor. You can also use these free images as your Facebook timeline also, they don’t contain the URL or links in the images, so its awesome and free, go and checkout the picjumbo site.

#7. Prismatic

Prismatic is a great place to discover new and awesome and even interesting content. Get prismatic site has a clean and simple layout and has no ads, so you read the content easily. When you sign up on this website you’ll .get an option to choose the topics that you can then see the articles on the homepage. I really liked the fonts of this site and you’ll also love its minimal user interface.

Interesting sites best

#8. Quora

Quora is a questions and answer community and a huge number of users, you can subscribe to the quora digest there you’ll get daily awesome and very interesting questions, and i bet you’ll love those unique questions asked by the users. You can also ask you own questions to quora users and they’ll reply you. The quora site also has mobile app so it’s a +ve point.

#9. StumbleUpon

It’s a content discovery website, you can find the blog posts, videos and you can search by your topics also, its easy and you can also sign up using the Facebook, twitter accounts. Many website owners also use stumble upon to get traffic on their sites.

#10.  Dear Photograph

This website has a collection of photos, the photos are of old and ancient places where they were originally taken. These photos are holden by Peoples and looks creative. The dear photograph website has more than 5000+ images that are interesting and cool.

#11. Firstpost

For reading Indian news, first post is one of my favourite site. It has a clean and minimal design with a high loading speed. When you are bored From fb, go checkout some news too. You can also check the site.

#12. Google Trends

Google trends tells you what’s buzzing around the world. It’ll showcase you the top ten most searched queries in Google with the stats too in a very beautiful manner.


The internet is full of creativity all you need to find that. Now as internet growed, people started posting their creative videos, photos on the social sites like YouTube, Facebook and they also started writing creative blogs. Some got success on the web, by starting their own business on YouTube, for example: Sanjeev Kumar, He started giving lectures on YouTube. He started a YouTube channel and posted videos of different  recipes that you have never heard before.

So, I hope you all really liked this post, if you have any other suggestions, go ahead post them in comment section of gadget ninja. Good luck.

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