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WordPress is the best blogging platform with thousands of features, plugins and simplicity. The WordPress posts also performs good in the search engines and a site performs more better if your posts have simple and SEO Friendly permalinks. WordPress offers many types of permalink styles and most of them comes preinstalled in your site.

Most used permalink structure is this, but this is not an proper permalink.

I am using  seo friendly permalink structure for my blog, this structure helps my posts to rank better in search engines.

My permalink is clean and easily understandable by the search engines, it displays the category which helps to categorize in the search engines, it has a number in the last which is useful for google news like in future may be your blog can be a part of google news so you don’t need to change that again.

There 50% of the bloggers don’t pay attention on the permalink structures, the permalinks are an important part of SEO. Your website can rank better than your rivals. Now how to add this in your wordpress site?

Its easy, go to your settings ->Permalinks -> Custom Structure and add the below code.


see url Will it harm to your search ranking?

No, it will not affect any rankin but yes it can perform better, remember it takes time to get on the top of the google.

Your older posts will redirect to 404? 

For this use this plugin, this will redirect your all posts to the new post URL.

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