Difference Between Dream and Aim

Mark Zuckerberg aim was to make a social site that can change the way of connectivity. He used his brain and converted illusion into reality. Now his social site Facebook has 500 million+ users from all over the world. The same happened with Steve jobs, his aim was to make a super computer and he used his knowledge in real life and he got success and now Apple is one the best mobile and computer developing company in world. In this guide we’ll talk about the differences between, aim and dream.

“Knowledge is nothing, until we implement it in our real life” 

What is Dream?

Let’s start with a example from our daily life, while sleeping we see a dream that we want to become a Successful Businessman. When we woke up in the morning, we decides that i want to be a Businessman, but you don’t know how to be a Businessman. So, The Dream is something you want to be, but don’t know the way of how to be.

Example:- Suresh seen a dream that he wants to a doctor and when he woke up, he decided that he want to  a doctor, but he don’t know how to be a doctor. So, If you don’t know the way to do something, then its dream.

What is Aim?

Aim, Like Narendra modi wants to be the prime minister of India and he knows how to get that position, so that’ll be a aim. If you know the way to become, then it’ll be a aim. You want to a IAS Officer, you know the way then its your Aim.

Example:- Arjun wants to be an IITian, he knows that to be an IITian, he needs to crack JEE Mains exam, then JEE Advanced Exam and then he will be a IITian. So,  if you know the way tol do something then it’ll be a Aim.


The way to do that work is Aim and you want to do that work but don’t know the way, so that’s Dream. Always focus of your Aim, never get distracted. Create you goal, no matter how you feel, Just get up, show but never give up and give your best. LIke a Sea driver, the opportunity is yours to grab the pearls. Exercise your indomintable WILL Power and take the Jump in the sea, the following ever enthusing couplet will help you to come out as a winner – The sea is common for all, but some take Pearls, Some take fishes and Some come out with Just wet legs.

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