Examples of Hypocrisy In India

Most of the Indians are hypocrite, hypocrite means double Talkers. In Hindi we call it ‘Do Gule Log’, other countries like  China, America are Busy in creating new medicines, new inventions, and we Indians are busy with virat kohli and anushka sharma’s love story. We are living in a republic country so we are allowed to anything, we do most of the wrong things. So let’s talk about some examples of hypocrisy In india. 

here #1. We go in hotels, eat the food, pay ₹100 for food and we also pay ₹50 as a tip to waiter, but on the other side, when we go to any vegetables market, we starts bargaining with small sellers.

how to buy Autodesk Maya LT 2015 #2. We donate Lakh of rupees in temples, ₹50 Lakh, ₹60 Lakh, but On the other side when any beggar begs us to give ₹10 then we take 1 hour to think, Should we give him or not. Most us just don’t give and pass.

#3. On Facebook we post, please don’t burn crackers but on the other side we burn them. We actually post these statuses to get more likes.

#4. More people stop by at cat crossing the road while they do not stop on red traffic signals.

#5. If a tiger kills a human, whole media, and Indians starts shouting, and what about of those animals which are killed by humans.

#6. Lets talk about hypocritic parents, if exam Results comes good so parents says that paper was easy, but when result comes  bad so we haven’t studied.

#6. In india, make a video on Rape, Porn, and it’ll go viral in minutes, but no body wants to create a video on child labour or on other serious problems.

#7. If boy has taken birth in a family then it’s okay, but when any Girl takes birth, it’s a problem.

#8. Hypocritic media, from 6am to 10pm they show that we should do respect of girls but after 10 PM they starts posting adult content on facebook and google+.

#9. If a woman is wearing Saare then she’s a perfect woman, but if she’s wearing jeans she’s a whore.

#10. If someone abuses in English then for us, it’s a proud but if someone abuses in hindi we starts fighting with him.

#11. When we won any prize in Cricket whole country celebrates but when we win any award in  football we never celebrate nor media focuses any news on this.

#12.If a girl is standing with 4 boys then she’s a slut, but if a boy is standing with 4 girls then he’s a smart guy.

Guys, it’s 2015 we need to change our thinking now, not every girl standing in a group of boys is slut. Soch badlo, Desh badlo. We have never tried to change anything in the last 60 to 70 years but  now, we need a change.

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  1. guruji Pranam
    I agree with you that we always bargain with road side vegetable vendors please tell me is it possible to bargain in a 5 star hotel to bargain over the bill

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