Right Time to Prepare For IIT JEE

JEE mains quotes

european roulette online kostenlos Recently a person on Quora  asked a question that when is the best time to prepare for JEE.  Well the answer is very simple but I am going to describe the whole thing in brief.

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Every person has its aim and if most of the students has a aim of studying at IIT’s –  The best technological universities in India. The reason behind studying at IIT is that we get a good number of resources and the best professors that teaches us in very deeper way and help us to sharp our skills.

Many students go to Kola,  Rajasthan from 10th standard for studying the IIT exam syllabus. The main reason behind going krta is that they’ll  get a good study atmosphere and competing behaviour of students that’ll make your habit to study hard.

JEE mains quotes

Now let’s come to the point without making your bore,  The Right time to study For IIT is Now.  There is no any time for study,  you can start it anytime,  anywhere. If you are waiting for the right time to come then you’ll keep waiting and the time will never come. If you have not started your JEE studies then don’t wait,  start now.

Start JEE Preparations From 10th Class

If your aim is JEE than you’ll get it.  Students who are currently studying in 10th class they should start preparing for it now.

If you can’t afford the costly krta classes,  I will suggest  you to buy some JEE books from online shopping sites like flipkart and Amazon.  I will suggest you a Book (101 Ways to crank JEE),  We’ll the book is for newbies and it’ll help you to know more about the IIT JEE.

Make a proper timing for your daily study schedule,  like you can give 2 hour’s in morning and few hours daily in night also,  and don’t forget to cover your board exam syllabus too,  because your 12th class mark are also included in theaters JEE marks,  it’ll help to get more marks in JEE mains.

Make interst in studies,  because if you’ll love books they’ll love you.  That’s it.

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  1. Abhishek brother i’m fully dedicated to only one goal in my life i.e. To send people on Mars and one day i’ll. For this i’ve came to kota but all the teachers here teach only mathematics and mathematics what i like to study but not solving those maths exercises everytime but they teach only to solve the problems, they don’t teach practical things or it’s applications in real life or how this study have originated. I love physics and chemistry but not my coaching teachers. They’re not teaching but polluting the mind actually i think. I found the lectures of MIT courseware and walter lewin better than Kota teachers and also regrett why i came here. I think i’ve wasted my parents money and a lot of my valuable time by coming here. So i advise all other students to sit at their home and just do their normal eleventh twelveth schooling,read NCERT,HC verma,etc and enjoy MIT courseware for better understanding and as Abhishek brother had said to start now don’t wait just start it. My simple advice to all students looking further for coming to kota is:- Plz don’t come here. There’s no need to do so. Just sit at your home and start where you’re, use what you’ve and do what you can. Don’t waste your money in hostels, mess and coaching classes in Kota. I’ve observed one thing here that all residents of Kota are living luxury life by only renting their rooms as PGs to aspiring students. This’s a drain of money from other parts of India to kota.

  2. But I have a thought….as we know that the syllabus of the Council section and JEE is totally different. ……..so there is a matter of holding good percentage of marks in the council exams for mainly JEE MAINS. ……..as a result it becomes too much difficult to prepare for the Entrance and for the Council exams simultaneously. ……………..

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