What is MHL Cables? A Brief Explanation on MHL, Features & Price

It may be bit pretty because many techies will be talking about MHL! But might don’t have any idea about what it is and for what purpose they are used? But the best thing is, MHL is an awesome technology which made us step into the new dimension on technology. It just like USB cables but the working and need of MHL cables will differ totally with other cables and ports. If you want to know something about MHL, then go through below contents for the brief explanation regarding MHL!

What is MHL?

MHL stands for Mobile High-Definition Link which is a new technology in gadget industry for mobile interface with some portable consumer electronics to HDTVs. In short, MHL allows users to share media from your smartphone or gadgets to share it on TV and on a big screen. This will plug into the micro USB port on your phone and your phone’s screen will be shared on the external big screen. It may your television or anything external source!


And it also features charging the device simultaneously along with controlling your mobile using TV remote. Nowadays, many devices come out with MHL-enabled products including all mobiles, tablets, TV, Players, projectors and more. This shows the worthy demand of MHL cables!

It works similar to HDMI port and its mostly enabled in Nokia, LG, Sony and Samsung gadgets. Soon it is expected to be enabled in all best smartphone manufacturers like Apple, HTC and more to be listed!

What’s it used for?

It can be used for various purposes! At first it was designed for sharing the screen with the external screen. And now it turned for many useful pieces of stuff! If you got bored by using the same small/tiny mobile display, then make a change today! Yeah, go with the big screen using MBL cables. This mirroring technology allows the users to play games, watch movies, read ebooks, access internet, editing documents and for lots of uses. MHL can either used for presentation purpose in your college or office by sharing your small screen to a projector easily. So for this thing, you don’t need to have a happy or to hire one!
If you are a serious gamer, then just give a try! MHL connections offer zero-lag where there won’t be any virtual latency while playing games. And you can charge up your device without using any subsequent lag after plugging the cable for sharing the content.

Some Features of MHL

Just like USBs the MHL too got some versions. And on every update it got more improvements with its operations. The first and second version supports 1080p uncompressed HD videos and with eight channel audio supportive. And the latest MHL 3.0 got some extra bunch of features including 4K video.

Yeah, you heard it right! It supports 4K video alongside 7.1 surrounding sound with some audio compatible. Best part, it supports multiple tasks simultaneously in N-number of displays.


Just by plugging the MHL cable into a compatible car hookup, you can access anythings which want to do. Most probably everyone will be listening to music, charging or some Bluetooth functions. You can use it as car’s infotainment which will guide you while traveling any by sending latest traffic reports by accessing the web. Anyhow, it got more benefits than pros!

MHL cables should be added in your desk to a host of compatible accessories including controllers and docks.

What is the cost of MHL Cable?

Yes, this is one of the reasonable questions! MHL cables are more worthy for their price. The cables typically range between $15 to $35. But for the MHL cables varies with different mobile manufacturers. Some smartphone requires different microUSB ports with different MHL cable too. So before buying, do get check your device user manual or get some assistance from customer care. But $15 won’t be a big price for this awesome techy tool 😀


Hope this content will a good informative post for all! Many people should come to know What is MHL? Where are MHL used? The price of MHL cables? And more!! If you still have any suggestions or queries then please let me know down below in comments! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on all popular social media websites! Cheers 😀

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