Funny Video on Radhe Maa and Nirmal Baba

Funny video on radhe maa

Trend is changing a lot and very soon we’ll get our new “Babas” and our new “Maa’s” and they’ll be the motivational speakers, well I have no issue with those speakers.. they are doing good work, the only issue is our mentality. We are becoming used to with each every thing. As, I said in this video that, God will not help you because he has already said that you need to do hard work.. then you guys go to baba’s but they have been exposed by media.. Now in future you guys will go to motivational speakers.. and they will be your new father.

The purpose of making this video is to tell you that don’t trust of any baba’s like nirmal baba or any ready made maa’s like radhe┬ámaa. Just trust on yourself, do what you love, not others. The video on youtube is titled as Baba Ji Ka Aatank.

Keep believing on your yourself, the more you search about “How to become successful” the more you’ll become confused. So take my words, stop searching, start learning, start working. You can subscribe to my youtube channel – Abhishek Mishra on Youtube.

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