Best YouTube Channels For Education, and Development

Looking for some best YouTube Channels For Education, and Development? This article will help you. YouTube is a well-known video platform which got more than 1 million users uploading more than 300 hours of their own videos every minute. Not only uploading, every day on YouTube over 4 billion videos have been watched and the numbers keep on increasing. Here you can find all types of niche where you can easily stick with any latest updates. If you wanna to learn something out of the box, then the best option will be YouTube videos.

But another thing, in Youtube you will find lakhs of video uploaders on the same topic! You need to know who’s video is best! In other way, best youtube channels! If you are looking to learn something new with development then find the best YouTube channels which probably got you covered all the stuff you are looking for! But for sure, there are many YouTube channels where you can gain lots of informative stuff!

Here in this post, I’m going to share Best YouTube Channels For Education, and Development which will surely guide you the best!

1. #Education

This is an automatic system where all newly uploaded education videos will be shown up here! It works with YouTube’s video discovery system. If you are doing any research for your projects or if you want to learn something new, then Youtube EDU will be the best solution. Here you will find videos which really teaches with good examples all around the globe. And this channel only features some of most popular educational videos across YouTube!

2. Kurzgesagt

This is an awesome channel where all the videos are about explaining by relating with science. And the word, Kurzgesagt is a German word which means “In a Nutshell”. And the team behind this channel are designers, musicians and journalists. They work hard to explain all real time kinds of stuff with science. They love science! And they always prefer uploading Animated Explaining videos every month.

3. The Curious Engineer

Animation videos always speak better for explanations. So here in this channel the team follows the same thing. They share educational videos which are created using motion graphics and illustrations. And they make videos every month particularly on Wednesday they share it! And the team behind this channel are Omkar Bhagat, Sudipto Mondal, Haley Nelson. This channel got more than 37K subscribers too!

4. Life Noggin

They are the Life noggins! They are the best youtube channel on education section. They share videos with more creative minded whether it’s science, pop culture, art, history or anything. They use to create animated videos of that like a series. They entertain you on every Monday and Thursday. They want us to Keep on thinking! They also got around 1 lakh subscribers.

5. Veritasium 

Veritasium is a channel of science and engineering videos featuring experiments, expert interviews, cool demos, and discussions with the public about everything science. They mostly focus on engineering stuffs with science. They got around 2 lakhs subscribers.

6. Vsauce 

Its a great Youtube channel created by Michael Steven. They share videos relating to various scientific and philosophical topics which include technology, gaming and other general stuff. Still now there are 4 channels followed by Vsauce1, Vsauce2, Vsauce3, WeSauce. All these channels are updated by various producers and their only goal is to share quality educational videos to the audience.

7. CGP Grey

This is one of the best edutainment channel created by an American-Irish guy! All the videos shared here are well-explained ones which make even kids to understand easily. The videos are made on politics, geography. economics and British culture. Many videos from this channel went viral among the audience.

8. MinutePhysics

It’s a series of educational videos shared at YouTube and all those videos are created by Henry Reich. These videos include time-lapsed drawing which explains physics-related stuff within 1 minute. One of the best hit video from this channel is about explaining some unstoppable force meets an immovable object!


As the name implies, it totally about science! This channel is created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown. And this channel always shares weekly videos on many different topics related to science. It also got another channel named as ASAPTHOUGHT where all normal issues will produce in videos. The most viewed video is What Colour is this dress? which got more than 19 million hits!

10. Tell me Why

It’s a new YouTube channel started to produce videos from April 3, 2015. Here all the videos are shared with some cartoons character and those videos will be explained well for ease understanding. And at present it for around 3.3K subscribers!

11. nptelhrd 

This is a YouTube channel from India where it produces technical lectures from IITs and IISc. You can do online certificate courses too! It got around 450,259 subscribers!

12. It’s Okay To Be Smart

This channel was created by Joe Hanson, Ph.D. He is more curious about atoms. And he always tries to explain how they really work in a smart way!

13. Sick Science

Sick Science is also a best YouTube channel for all college students. This channel is produced by Steve Spangler who is a teacher, speaker, author and an Emmy-award Winning TV personality. Do check it out for more!

Hope this post gave you lots of information about the best Youtube channel for Education and Developments. Do share your thoughts in comments below! Cheers 😀

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